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5 Impacts of Social Media on SEO.

According to studies, over 80% of new traffic comes via search engines. With such high statistics, it is imperative for digital marketing agencies in Pune to leverage SEO to their best potential in order to build a prominent online presence.

With the world becoming increasingly tech savvy, one of the ways to generate traffic on websites is through the social networking platforms.

That’s right, Facebook is no longer just for reuniting with long lost friends and Instagram is more than just pictures of food and travel. Social media platforms are now viable sources of business, with the advent of business pages and corporate profiles which may have an effect on search engine ranking. Now while social media doesn’t directly impact rankings, according to Google’s algorithms, they do provide a certain boost to popular pages and websites. Basically the more active (and relevant) you are on social media, the higher chance your website has to get a higher ranking.

So how exactly does social media help? Let’s take a look at the 5 Impacts of Social Media on SEO:

  1. Link building:
    The visibility and awareness of content from any particular brand is dependent on how many times it is shared on a social media platform. And the more visibility it gets, the higher the link building opportunities. Informative and well developed content is circulated far and wide by registered users on various social media, reaching a higher number of viewers and consequently increasing the number of links it gets. Websites with high levels of back links are seen as more reliable and accurate and social media is a great way to build links and make viewers aware of good content.
  2. Generation of traffic:
    Social media is a great way to build up your web presence and increase your network. With the competition soaring, it is hard to get noticed and having an iron clad social media presence is the best way to solidify your position and generate more traffic to your website. Social media helps increase brand awareness and also builds trust among the consumers, increasing the likelihood that people will click on your website link through search results. Additionally the massive reach of social media and its ease of sharing are helpful in building your online presence and developing a dedicated audience at a quicker rate.
  3. Image optimization:
    The presence of relevant images on search engine result pages is the trend of now. By ensuring that images are efficiently keyword optimized in content like blogs, digital marketing agencies in Pune can certainly help improve the visibility of the content on search engines.
  4. Indexing:
    The more shares a piece of content sees, the faster it gets indexed. Basically the more your content is shared on social media platforms, the faster it’s indexing will be compared to normal indexing speed by the Google crawlers, consequently ensuring that the content is found quicker.
  5. Keyword boost:
    A well optimized and efficient social media profile is one that has relevant keywords incorporated, which increases the likelihood of it being shown when a user searches for those keywords on search engines. Ensuring that the keywords used in your profile and your content on social media platforms are in line with the keywords used on your website will increase your chances of getting a higher ranking on the search engine result pages.


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