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5 Tricks for choosing your college admission

Stressed about admission? The Second year of high school demands students to ponder over what has to be done next. The decision to start at a college or to complete a drop year is complex and demands a thorough understanding of various aspects of admission especially the connection between the choice of college and job success. The entire admission process would proceed smoothly if you have a plan in place.

The usual and worn out trends in college selection include family pressure based on the information picked up by word of mouth from unreliable sources as well as anxiety driven decisions based on lack of knowledge.


Here are some tips and tricks on college admission process that must be kept in mind before declaring a commitment towards any college:


Your interest is the most important


Prior to all other decisions, prospective students need to discover their educational interests. Choice of a course should always outweigh the choice of college. Once you know where your interests lie, you are halfway through the cumbersome admission process.  Most of the time, talking to seniors and teachers proves to be of great help.


Do your research well


Once you are certain about the career path you want to follow, try to get into a college that is well known for the programs in that field. It is important to enlist your options before the application process starts. Decide if you want a public or a private college. Consider the overall reputation of the college when applying and make sure the college or the program is accredited.  You can look online, talk to education consultants or refer published guidebooks discussing the relative merits of each college or university. Identify several aspects and rank your priorities.


Know your finances:


Setting a budget is vital to lowering stress. Cost for a particular course may vary from college to college with those of private universities being on the higher side. Cost of boarding, textbooks, and food add to the expenses and should be given a thought. It is important to consider family resources while making decisions. An affordable college would help you lower future debts or family loans. The sticker price i.e. the listed tuition fee is usually not the right criterion to decide upon the cost of the course. Enquire individual institutions for their complete fee structure and financial aid available, if any.





Career opportunities


College is not just about three to four years of study; it’s a decision that influences your entire life ahead. You would want to consider how choosing your college would affect your job opportunities in future. Colleges with strong alumni networks and great placement records are sort after. If you plan for further studies, the quality of education imparted should be the deciding factor.


How far are you willing to travel?


Geographic distance is an important criterion to be taken into account. It totally depends upon an individual whether he/she would love to stay at home with his/her family or would enjoy hopping around the country. Make sure the college is well connected by means of transport. If residing on campus, understand the housing options well. Some institutions may offer luxurious apartments while others have stuffy dorm rooms. Choose wisely keeping finances in mind.



It’s totally ok to have different life goals. Sit down, take your time and think about what you want to do with your life. If you find it hard to decide, take help from parents, counselors, seniors or your teachers. Do not get influenced by other peoples’ expectations of you. Consider your circumstances and goals and make the right choice for yourself. All the best!

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