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The Aajtakkhabarein latest technologies in news delivery besides a slew of new programming initiatives, exclusive interviews and Industry first events have kept the channel in pole position. Pioneering event properties like Agenda Aajtakkhabarein. These thought provide events have become definitive platforms for bringing national issues into perspective. The channel commands provider status as the  most watched News Channel Aajtakkhabarein.

Trusted, Respected And Followed. When it comes to news that matters, there is only one name that comes to the nation’s mind Aajtakkhabarein. Part of the TV Today Network, Aajtakkhabarein dominates the media space and has been setting the news agenda for the country since its inception.

The Aajtakkhabarein news channel started as a current affairs programme and with its differentiated treatment of news channel.

Aajtakkhabarein will serve robust and high quality news from every corner of India and relevant global news from Aajtakkhabarein.

Aajtakkhabarein has taken its partnership beyond the newsroom. The channel has maintained the all program with its pioneering of news the latest technology and going beyond conventional News coverage to bring the best to the viewers of Aajtakkhabarein.

Its channels Aajtakkhabarein (Hindi) India’s first -1 hindi channel of haryana in india Aajtakkhabarein (Business and Infotainment) continue to raise the standards of journalism with innovative programming and uncompromising integrity.

Aajtakkhabarein has expanded its brand Aajtakkhabarein Lifestyle, Aajtakkhabarein Convergence (triple play; to exploit the synergies between television, Internet and mobile and owns the website

All the Staffed of aajtakkhabarein 15 hours, seven days a week by a dedicated staff in Aajtakkhabarein.

AajtakKhabarein Live latest news provider and breaking news in Hindi and english Samachar and news headlines from haryana in india. AajtakKhabarein News Portal in Faridabad in Hindi News and Latest News. Aajtakkhabarein One of the popular running Hindi based news channel that has been also said to be the oldest and finest in the history of news channel in India.

Aajtakkhabarein fastest-growing social news and entertainment startup. We track ideas, stories, and trends to build and promote the best newscontent for our audiences. From socially-conscious reportage to uniquely hilarious videos.

catagery :- current affairs, cricket, sports, business and hot news faridabad.

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