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amazon prime customer service phone number

                                                  AMAZON PRIME:-

Amazon prime service is a subscription offered by Amazon that gives to free two-day delivery or streaming video/music and other benefits for a monthly fee or yearly fee.  Amazon prime music that gives ten’s millions songs in multiple languages- English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tamil & more languages. Amazon prime intelligence Research partners estimates that prime has more than 80 millions paying users. Anyone has to enjoy with Amazon prime membership including discount such as free two days shipping.



  1. Amazon history.
  2. Amazon prime music.
  3. Amazon prime video.
  4. Amazon prime reading.
  5. Amazon prime pantry.

Amazon history:-

Amazon prime creation in 2005. Amazon prime membership offering free one-two days shipping. As well as discount one days shipping rates. Amazon prime launched the program in Germany, Japan, and United Kingdom in 2007. In France in 2008, in Italy in 2011, in Canada in 2003, in India in July 2016 & in Mexico in March 2017. Present-2012 Amazon prime membership in Canada, Germany, India, United Kingdom, and the United States also provided the Amazon video that gives to free streaming movies/TV shows and other at no additional cost in November 2011.

Amazon prime music:-

Amazon prime music enjoys unlimited streaming of music with Amazon prime membership.  Amazon prime music all yours unlimited favorite music offline downloads with Amazon prime music membership for enjoy the ad-free music and unlimited music offline downloads. Listen to music across ten’s millions of songs in multiple languages– English, Hindi, and Punjabi, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tamil & more languages. Amazon prime music discovers a new way to find the music – voice controlled with Alexa.  Simply tap on Alexa icon in yours mobile, desktop & Mac ask for music. Alexa icon is nothing asks to no typing, no searching, and no browsing- just ask.

Amazon prime video:-

Amazon prime video launched on September 7, 2006 as Amazon unboxed in the United States. On September 4, 2008. This service was renamed Amazon video on demand.  Amazon prime video membership to ad-free video and the service rebranded as Amazon Instant Video and added access to 5,000 movies and TV shows for Amazon Prime members And Amazon prime video on December 14, 2016 launched on worldwide.  While for all other countries it was made available for a monthly promotional price of Rs.194.45 per month for the first six months and Rs. 479.85 per month thereafter.

Amazon prime reading:-

Amazon prime reading beginning in October 2016. Amazon prime members in the U.S. receive access to rotating set of kindle e-books through prime reading. Some magazines & travel guides are also available through the Amazon prime reading service. Amazon prime reading is unrelated to the kindle owners’ lending library, kindle unlimited, kindle first all of which continue to be available.

 Amazon prime pantry:-

Amazon prime pantry available only customers with Amazon prime membership to order up to 20.K.G or up to 4 cubic feet of dry goods and non-perishable groceries for a flat delivery fee of Rs.389.98 in the India. This service is available United States, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Japan, Spain, Italy, India, and Germany. This is a prime member’s exclusive service for that helps Amazon prime subscribers to purchase households goods and deliver’s to super-fast.


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