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New Delhi.5 th July, 2016.A heath awareness program was preconceived by the residents of KW Shrishti in Rajnagar Extension of Ghaziabad. The objective of the campaign was to make people aware towards their healthiness. The session covered the discussions and consciousness about health related issues which are out breaking in our societies these days. The discussion was headed bythe specialist from Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital Dr. Sunil Dagar and Dr. Sanjay Garg who delivered the talks on basic health problems of the individuals. During the discussion the highlighted problems were allied to the fast paced and stressful lifestyle of the tech savvy people these days. The debates of the specialist also included the keys an individual can try to cope-up with these complications in steady lifecycle. They also discussed in detail about the problems expanding these days related to kidney along with its preventions.

Not only the people from KW Shrishti Society, but also the nearby localite got the opportunity to witness this cooperative session by the experienced specialists. All through in the session people got the chance to ask about their queries regarding their health issues. The elite residents of the society Mr. Vikas Ahuja, Mr. Sanjeev Verma, Mr. Deepak Sharma, Dr. Devendra Kumar Sharma, Mr. Amit Jain, Mr. Ravi Gupta, Mr. Naveen Verma, Mr. Vishwajeet Mohanti, Mr. Devendra Sibbal, Mr. Vinod Pradhan, Mr. Anupreet Borkar, Mr. Gaurav Tyagi, Mr. Prashant Singh, Mr. Shyam Goel, Mr. Anadipal, Mr. Ankur Jain, Mr. Narender Tomar, Mr. Mohit Narayan and many other esteemed guest graced the presence of this special day.

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