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Binary trading options and fraud potential:

It is a human nature to look for ways to make money as quickly as possible. Ever since the existence of mankind, people look for ways to come up with strategies that would earn them high financial profits in shortest time period possible. Looking at the today’s dynamic world, fact is that briny trading options is one of the most innovative, advanced and current ways of making money in a quick manner via trading stocks, commodities, and monetary assets. Just like all other ingestions of money making, there is a high potential of fraud in binary trading options as well. Recently the regulatory authorities have issues an alert for the investors that there is high potential for fraud and schemes are there that are scam. These include the software manipulation, reimbursement issues, credit refusals, and identity theft. Therefore people investing in the binary trading options must do it in a careful manner.

Internet based options market:

There are several options markets that are internet based and might not be complying with the regulatory requirements of the countries. This is one of the ways giving rise to the illegal activity. When it is about trading platform then all it requires is a client to deposit a certain set sum of money, then buy a binary call or put a contract. You will be asked to pay $50 for an option that will give you back a set return percentage in case the prices of the stock rise above $5 per share once the expiration limits are fulfilled. If it happens that at the time of expiry,, the stock price rises $5 per share then the outcome is positive and the investor receives the promised returns. On the other hand if the prices are lowered $5 per share at the time of expiry then the investor will lose all his or her money. This all can be interpreted as internet gambling.

How to know if a trading platform is legitimate or not?

In order to increase the chances that a trading platform is legitimate, one should investigate their advertising. If you see that they are promising more than usual payout then do not work with them and work with some other trading platform or brokerage.

Identity theft: It is an issue that is ramped in any kind of financial sector. If you see that they require you to get the credit card to be there on your file then again do not work with them.

Software manipulation: It is very difficult to see if the platform is manipulating the software. In case you see that you have been winning and then suddenly they change or extend the expiry date then there is something fishy. Do not work with them anymore.

In short one has to be vigilant while making use of these binary trading options. One such reliable name in the binary trading options is Integra Options. Visit their website and get to know what services they offer to their customers in a legitimate and reliable manner.

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