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Choose fibre accordingly in Monsoon

As the heat is been kicked by our beloved weather Monsoon. We should take a break from our everyday boring formals and try out new styles without daily casual wear .Our wardrobe is full of new trends we should have a look on each and every stuff what we have and use it as a diverse style statement. Latest fashion updates for monsoon of this year is been united by some by our fashion experts. As we look further here are some tips for women and men by Vaanee and Dheeraj Bhatia, founder of Gritstones follows :


Tips for Monsoon Clothing for Women:

  1. Women can start with their fresh light fabrics, bright colours like yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and some mixtures of fluorescent and electric colours
  2. Light Fabrics like cotton, chiffon, silk etc dryout quickly as fast as possible.
  3. Latest fashion launched by our bollywood celebs are Culottes, Playsuits, Printed Dresses, Printed skirts, Cigarettes Pants, Coats and Jackets.
  4. There are some new craze of wearing short kurtis with leggings or churidar, long dupattas can be replaced with scarfs and stoles.
  5. Lots of mix and match of dark leggings or churidars for remaining dry and look fresh for the whole day.
  6. There are colourful jackets that can we reversible and help them to lights up the monsoon.
  7. Pair of jeans, long skirts, heavy material should be avoided in this rainy season.
  8. Some kind of accessories like fancy Umbrellas, Jelly shoes  can help to complete the attire
  9. By this you can be the style icon for others and they might follow you as their fashion idol.

Tips for Monsoon Clothing  for Men:

  1. As for men monsoon is the best season for their drift to kick the heat.
  2. Men can look out for cotton shirts or casual printed shirts.
  3. Some cut sleeves T-shirts, vests, shirts and jackets are so overwhelming as they are short and  the material is also yarn so they can be wearable easily and dry off quickly.
  4. Shorts , Capri’s, 3/4 ths, are so attractive and easy to wear and look fantastic as they are short and  will not make any itches to us as we want to get drenched and play in rain.
  5. Athletes who are into running, gymnastic, football, cricket etc wears DRY FIT mechanized clothes as they are very comfortable, dry off sweat very fast and can we worn in monsoon season.
  6. Monsoon accessories for men are waterproof bag, waterproof watch, umbrella and flip flops.


By trying out these cool styles and trends we can easily keep the scorching heat at a bay during monsoon. Skin friendly fabrics will be helpful in preventing skin diseases like rashes and allergies due to chemical content in blended fabrics. As per our experts, wearing skin friendly clothes as per season is a necessity as they gives us internal as well as external pleasure for the looks we sport and what fashion ensemble we hold. Monsoon in Delhi is so outstanding that it comes on its own, like that we also have a sagacity  that  what should to be worn.

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