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Company Registration & Legal Obligations when starting a business in Oman

Corporate law in Oman and Oman companies are similar to that in western countries, in that businesses can be run as limited liability operations, private companies or other types of concern. As discussed, Starting a business in oman or buying a going concern can be complex and you must obtain local legal advice and guidance about registration formalities. As a foreigner, you’re likely to use a western/Arab joint venture law firm. When choosing, seek the advice of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, the DTI, Middle East Association and your Embassy’s commercial sections.

Western expatriates are generally well qualified for starting a business in Oman– they don’t find work if they aren’t – and these qualifications are carefully checked with the issuing bodies, irrespective of where they were obtained. Western expatriates therefore tend to occupy senior positions, with commensurate salaries and perks. Workers from south-east Asia and the Indian sub-continent (who are sometimes – politically incorrectly – referred to as ‘Third Country Nationals’ or ‘TCNs’) usually occupy menial, unskilled or semi-skilled jobs and are paid accordingly.

Even those with professional qualifications and experience as good as those of a westerner are unlikely to enjoy similar benefits, in Oman companies as the remuneration of foreign workers is related to what they would expect to earn in their home countries, which is invariably higher for westerners in Oman Comapnies. However, this situation is beginning to change, especially in the field of technology,these changes are making it more beneficial in starting a business in oman.

A powerful sponsor is a great weapon with officialdom when starting a business in Oman, and observing his skilful negotiating can be an enlightening experience. The authorities, however, are usually helpful and don’t tend to be difficult unless they have good reason. You will find your working life in Oman companies and businesses easier if you’re polite and patient. Smile and seek ‘advice’: requesting advice confers respect on the person asked and you will generally find that Arabs are friendly and helpful.

Please enquire for help in setting up a business in Oman!


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