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We Provide Intelligence, Not Just Information

Finding right prospects in your target market is a time consuming and tedious process. Most readily available lists out in the markets prove to be low quality, overused and outdated. Techno data group helps you get your hands on worlds best class customized B2B contact list, which can make your sales and marketing campaigns cost effective.

You need to identify the right contacts, who are responsible for taking decisions on buying your products and services. Many data marketing companies provide standard lists which does not give complete information. You would require someone to call and verify who is responsible for taking decisions.

Techno Data Group offers phone based contact discovery services. Our highly skilled research team get you updated contact information through Telephonic research, Social media research, and more. Each contact list is built in real time after your order.


Benefits of Contact Discovery

  •   Help you to gain your best possible return on investments
    within a short period of time
  •   Reaching the right contact at the first time
  •   Organizing data in better way
  •   Help you in generating your sales leads
  •   Phone based B2B lead discovery


Techno Data Group enables you to target right prospects with the following information

  •   Contact Name
  •   Contact Title
  •   Company Name
  •   Phone Number, Fax Number
  •   Email, Postal Address and Zip Code
  •   SIC Code & NAICS Code
  •   Web Address


You can obtain information based on the following custom selects

  •   Revenue Size
  •   Company Size
  •   Titles
  •   Area Code and Exchanges
  •   State, City, Zip Codes
  •   Industry Types
  •   Location
  •   Personnel Specifics

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