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Cosmopolitan Singapore and the Benefits of Language Learning

Cosmopolitan Singapore and the Benefits of Language Learning

Singapore has the unique reputation of being a melting pot of different cultures. Over the years, people from neighbouring countries like India, Malaysia and China all integrated their influences towards creating a global culture, all within the confines of one country. The people of Singapore are bilingual, with most schools offering English as a first language. In a country where the native tongue comes in three widely different languages, each with their own scripts, English serves as a bridge to communicate in educational and professional environments. Various signboards, public documents and information are all available in English. Working knowledge of either Malay or English pretty much guarantees that you can communicate freely with anyone you want.

The four most significant languages in Singapore are Malay, Traditional Mandarin, Tamil and English. Language learning is not a necessity to work, live or travel in Singapore. A language like Tamil in Singapore uses accents and dialects different from that in India. The benefits of language learning are important in that they open pathways to engage and interact with people who speak that language.

English and its influence on Singapore

In a country like Singapore, the process is made much easier by the presence of professional language institutions instructing in English. Since many people are comfortable speaking more than one language, it is also easier to find tutors who can guide you through language learning in English. As a culture with a tradition of embracing people from different backgrounds, Singapore can be ideal to begin learning and practising another language. With even television shows offering English subtitles on various programs, English is all you really need to communicate with people. Singapore is the ideal place to begin learning one of its local languages to enhance your knowledge and better interact with people from different countries. But for Singapore itself, a good handle on English is all you really need.

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