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Discover Charm of Music by Enrolling In a Premium Music School

What does the Flute Lessons at central coast conservatorium offer?

Central coast conservatorium is a famous music school in Australia that offers various courses on brass, flute, guitar, keyboard, percussion, piano, string and woodwind. The flute is a simple musical instrument that has been around in several forms for millions of years. Learning how to play the flute is not as simple as it seems so as it requires proper guidance to master the art of playing flute correctly. Although there are many Music schools and online sites that offer lesson on flute but Central coast conservatorium is the most preferred institution of the various benefits that it offer to the students:

  • It offers courses on one to one basis or in small groups.
  • The flute lesson is provided by the most veteran teachers namely: Vanessa Ropa and Rosalie Bourne
  • It welcomes students from all levels and also provides special scholarship programs for students who require financial help.
  • It allows the student to hire the flute instrumentfrom Conservatorium in case he/she does not have one.
  • It allows the student to join a numbers of ensembles such as:
  1. Junior Flute Ensemble
  2. Adult Flute Ensemble
  3. Senior Flute Ensemble
  4. Central Coast Primary Wind Ensemble
  • The fee structure is quite reasonable for the candidates.

What does the guitar lesson offers?

Like flute, central coast conservatorium also offers excellent tuition on guitar for the beginners as well as for students who want to make their name world famous. The institute offers Guitar Ensembles for the student to develop their skills in sight reading, performance and playing in a group. The ensembles include Jazz Guitar Ensemble – Director Guy Strazz, Guitar (electric) Ensemble – Director Steve Smillie and the Contemporary Music Ensemble. Thus, in order to learn how to play flute, guitar or any other musical instrument in a fun filled environment, one should get themselves enrolled with central coast conservatorium.

Why approach central coast conservatorium?

Central coast conservatorium is a music school that is backed by the local community and assisted by the State Government. It is a member of The Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums and has been rated as the number one musical institute in the New South Wales.

Thus, become a member of the association or get enrolled in a course to discover the real charm of the music.

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