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Duravit Bathroom Products Incorporate the Most Impressive Technology

For some West London householders, bathroom furniture is just bathroom furniture – but for others, only the very best will do.

While, here at Prestige Bathrooms, we select the very best quality, there is one brand in our stock that is especially committed to the highest levels of technological sophistication, it is surely Duravit.

Here are some of the ways in which this long-established brand brings the most impressive new technology into your West London bathroom.

Darling New C-Bonded

Duravit has described its Darling New range as “the bathroom series for individualists”, and we would struggle to disagree with them.

Duravit has developed a radical technical solution specifically for this new range, bonding the washbasin to the vanity unit in a way that creates the impression of a single, seamless unit.

Rimless flushing technology

Duravit is also committed to giving you the best possible flushing action in your new toilet, and has developed highly innovative Rimless flushing technology to this end.

Duravit toilets that incorporate this technology have a rim with an open design, with water flowing in the form of a horizontal arc, then vertically, before flushing the bowl’s entire inner surface without any splashing.

Gorgeous illumination

A bathroom mirror is never just a bathroom mirror when it’s from Duravit. The brand’s mirrors have been designed to offer beautiful illumination, with three variants to choose from: top-edge single light field, dual light fields at the sides, or indirect ambient light on all four sides.

You can also invest in Duravit mirror cabinets that feature an integrated sound system working via Bluetooth music streaming and producing a soft, yet rich sound.

Turn to us for the most technologically sophisticated bathroom 

The above are just some of the technologies that Duravit incorporates into its bathroom products, which you can purchase from Prestige Bathrooms. The brand is committed to the design and manufacture of bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and accessories that are perfectly suited to a 21st century bathroom. Several products have been produced in collaboration with notable designer, Philippe Starck, noted for his contemporary designs.

Meanwhile, our own services include not just the sale of the best-quality and well-priced bathroom products, but also design and installation where required, so why not contact the Prestige Bathrooms team today or visit our West London showrooms to discover the latest Duravit products for yourself?

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