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Enjoy your weekend with Orlando golfing vacation rentals

Welcome to the Water’s Edge Villa, the classiest and amongst the best in terms of ‘homely comforts’ vacation home rentals in Florida. Located in the executive premium community of Orlando Golfing vacation rentals in Formosa Gardens, the beautiful and ‘no expense spared’ holiday property is very close to Disney, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and similar world famous attractions. Swim in the pool, enjoy the warm sun on deck, or fine dining and of course play world class golf all day long! All you need is a desire for golfing in lush and luxurious Orlando, as our management company would gladly assist you with all provisioning facilities.

The seven bedroom six bath jaw-dropping Water’s Edge vacation rental is one of the largest and most elaborate Florida villas available. Ideal for families, large groups with an eye for details and appreciation for worldly luxuries, this epic golfing vacation rental is in a league of its own. Spread across one-fourth acre lot, This one-of-a-kind home is quite possibly Florida’s best vacation rental. Designed in a stunning Oriental theme, this brand-new Orlando vacation rental is designed to offer contemporary living at its very finest.

Rent the Water’s Edge Villa and experience an endless array of attractions, from world-class golf courses to theme parks and great restaurants, fantastic shopping malls and an exciting nightlife scene. The iconic Celebration and Champions gate golf clubs are minutes drive away, along with Florida’s stunning beaches, Downtown Orlando, the Everglades National Park and Kennedy Space Center. There’s just so much to do in the Villa compound when you’re not it the mood for exploring Kissimmee. Guests can spend their days luxuriating in designer living areas, sunbathing by the Hollywood style massive pool and deck area that is piped with music facilities from the house. Enjoy the ambience of Water’s Edge Orlando Golfing vacation rentals and its endless entertainment offerings. The bedrooms offer an opulent way to relax and unwind with HDTVs, luxury beds and fine linens and majestic views of Formosa Gardens.

From Rolling-Ball back rub on the robotic massage chairs, to fishing in the Lake with our Fishing Rods, or surfing the net in the Wi-Fi enabled Water’s Edge Villa, it’s got everything you need! The Water’s Edge was designed keeping in mind that the travelers must feel at home when they return, exhausted after exploring the attractions! And it’s the best vacation rental home, away from a home itself!

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