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Fix Error “Invalid Toner Cartridge” or “Invalid Refill” in Lexmark Printer?

Lexmark Printer Support: Facing “Invalid Toner Cartridge” or “Invalid Refill” Error Message in Lexmark Printer?
Any of the following error message: Error: “Invalid Toner Cartridge” or Error: “Invalid Refill” or Message: “Change Cartridge” may appear on the printer display if you just have installed a new toner cartridge into the printer. Though, every time this may not be specifically a toner cartridge problem and sometimes you bump into this error because of a stuck cover open switch on the printer.

To make sure that the cover open switch is not reason of the problem, open the top front cover of the printer and see what message is displaying on the printer’s display panel. The display message may read either of the two: Close Door or Insert Cartridge.

Otherwise you need to replace the top cover open sensor and switch if this message is not displayed. In addition, the new toner cartridge may be damaged by the printer. Printer may have flagged a new cartridge a refilled cartridge if open sensor is not operating properly. In this is the case, the new cartridge will keep on showing an Invalid Cartridge or Invalid Refill error even if you try to reinstall it or install it into another printer. If this situation, you should contact the vender from where you have purchased the cartridge to get to know how you can replace the cartridge.

Important: Do not try to install another new toner cartridge if the cover open sensor is not operating. Because if you try to insert another new cartridge, it will cause that cartridge also stop working and you need to take the corrective measures for that cartridge also. So if you encounter this issue, please follow the below given instructions:

Placing the original working cartridge back into the printer be it the empty or near-empty one may clear the error message.
Disengage the cover open sensor by turning off the printer.
Open the top lid and remove the old toner cartridge with the printer switched off.
Now put another new Lexmark toner cartridge at the place of the old cartridge.
Power the printer back on and now the printer should read this newly installed toner cartridge and hopefully the error should be cleared. Now the printer and toner cartridge should function properly and it’s the time to replace the top cover sensor on the printer.
Keep your printer off while replacing the toner cartridge and until cover open switch is replaced. If you find the top cover switch functioning fine and also you have followed all the steps and instructions properly, but still your printer keep on posting an Invalid Toner Cartridge or Invalid Refill error, make sure you are not using toner cartridge remanufactured or refilled by a third party because it can cause this error. So it is recommended to use a new original Lexmark toner cartridge.
Look for the yellow label attached to the body of the toner cartridge and the drum to identify a refilled cartridge. The cartridge may have been refilled if you find it removed or damaged.
For further recommendations and instructions, you can contact to your Lexmark Technical Support or service provider if your printer is still covered under a service contract or warranty.
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