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Food Truck Nearby App

Find sustenance truck utilizing ongoing information, request from ordinary updatedmenu, and get driving headings. Utilize this FREE and simple to utilize application to bolster your craving with the nourishment that you adore. Additionally, book the truck foryour next occasion. What’s next… .how about we roll.

For Food Truck Lovers:

  • Locate Food Trucks serving adjacent utilizing continuous area of the merchants.
  • Locate Food Trucks by their Cuisine Type.
  • Get driving headings to Food Trucks.
  • Browse overhauled menu, get costs and even put in a request.
  • Communicate with the sustenance truck seller utilizing instant message.
  • Make your top choices rundown to find your most loved nourishment trucks.

For Food Truck Vendors:

  • Define food sort and menu. Client will utilize cooking sort to hunt sustenance truck.
  • Define costs of the menu things. Application will pick neighborhood coin naturally.
  • Define breakfast, lunch and supper menu and their timings. Truck will be demonstrated on the guide just amid those characterized hours.
  • Location highlight (demonstrating on the guide) will be consequently killed amid non-business hours.
  • You can stop the truck area on the guide physically at whatever time when you are off or in the midst of some recreation or some other reason.
  • If a thing is not served amid specific time (breakfast or lunch), our programmed component will put a lock catch amid that time, so clients can’t submit request around then.
  • Turn on portable request element in the event that you like to get versatile requests. This will empower you to get orders from clients on your versatile. You can likewise speak with the clients utilizing inbuilt instant messages.

How can it function?

Sustenance Truck Nearby gives continuous area of Food Trucks who are at present serving in your general vicinity. Sustenance Truck mates can view upgraded menu, put in a request from the menu, get headings and even speak with the Food Truck merchant utilizing inbuilt content free of charge. The application lives up to expectations from any area (or nation). Subsequent to introducing the application, you can tap on “Nourishment Truck Nearby” and application will give back a rundown of sustenance trucks serving your present area. Additionally, separation highlight permits you to discover nourishment trucks inside of the chose separation.

How can it function for Food Truck Owner?

Nourishment Truck Owners can download and introduce the application to enlist their truck. They can characterize their cooking sort, menu things, value, serving time, accessibility and so forth.

In what capacity would I be able to contact Food Truck Nearby?

You can send email to or for any request, input, or help.

This application is created by Cyberoid Inc. We take a stab at exactness yet we don’t guarantee that all data gave is precise constantly. We are additionally not in charge of nourishment served by Food trucks, their conduct, or some other unlawful conduct. You may utilize this application at

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