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How to Do Fotpleie Oslo at Home?

Call me crazy but there is no other joy like having your toes out in the middle of summer, but at the same time it can be sad to look down and see dry skin or rough heels. That’s why you need a pedicure or ‘fotpleie’ as Norway people says it. That’s why Four Seasons Spa AS is here to help you get the perfect home pedicure, with completely natural products, perfect for smoothing and moisturizing your skin, like the very same way we do fotpleie oslo, at our place.

So what we need?

First you need to find a mild soap, like any regular body wash, for soaking. Usually a sugar scrub is great for smoothing away rough skin during a pedicure, so get half jar of nice sugar scrub ready too. Find your nail files, toe separators, clippers and your favorite color of polish, and that’s it, now you should be good to go!

Now just follow a our procedure step by step

First step of a pedicure is soaking your feet. For that grab a bottle of any good naturals body wash, and add a few of drops to a basin of warm water. Then all you have to do is pick your favorite relaxing scent, like Lemongrass Lavender Body Wash, and let your feet soak for 3 to 6 minutes.

After that comes the next step. After soaking is complete, now you have to scrub and file. Here you have to smooth the rough surfaces on your feet with a foot file. For that any good naturals sugar scrub is perfect for smoothing rough patches on your skin, so find the scent you love the most and start scrubbing.

After you finished scrubbing, just dip your feet back into the water and rinse off the remaining scrub. Remember it is important for you to fully towel off after using sugar scrub, as it contains essential oils, and your skin and toenails may be a greasy. So in order to have your nail polish stick you may want to wipe your nails off with a nail polish remover.

Now next you’ll need to take care of your nails and cuticles. You can shape your nails like square or rounded. Also if you want to treat your cuticles with a little oil, it’s important to remember to wipe off your nails after this step.

So just add your polish, paint on a couple of layers, and then enjoy the pop of color on your toes.

And now comes the final step. For this step you need to use a moisturizing lotion on your feet and your calves. Find a nice scent of body lotion that you like, such as grapefruit ginger, and lather it on. If you like, you can try giving yourself a bit of a massage. Sure it’s not exactly going to feel the like a professional pedicure, but it will still helps to reduce some stress and stiffness away.

So in the end, if you have the time and the right products at home, fotpleie is fun, and it saves you money. Otherwise you can visit us and have a great fotpleie oslo. So contact us now.

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