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Garud Agri Implements-OSAW UDYOG| Agriculture Machine


This quote is used by none other than our second Prime Minister Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri. He had a strong vision of making India a self-sufficient nation in the production of food grains. At that time India was facing scrutiny for Food Grains because of severe drought that happened in 1965 and 1966. This made India realized that they cannot stay dependent on foreign aids and imports for food security, they also need to make agricultural policies and focus on food grain self-sufficiency. This lead India towards Green Revolution. The green revolution was the period in India when agriculture in India was increased due to improved methods and technology. Farmers started using High Yielding varieties of seeds and started using modern equipment for the cultivation of crops and making soil fertile.

Osaw Udyog has developed themselves with an aim of helping farmers with the best quality of equipment and also dealing with high rated Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the quality certified the range of Agricultural Implements or Machinery such as tractor implements and farm implements. We have also introduced much new equipment which will help the farmer to grow the best quality of crops and to make efficient and effective use of its resources. We have introduced Rotatory tillers by the name of Garudavator which are designed to till soil for seedbed preparation, there are many variants to choose from depending on the usage and size of farm, Seed broadcaster can spread fertilizers in large portions of land in real time. Heavy duty land levelers which help in the smoothening of land surface from its average elevation with a certain degree of the desired slope using a guided laser beam throughout the fields,  power harrow which helps in breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil. In addition to this disc, the harrow is also there which is used to chop up unwanted crops remainders and weeds and so many other types of equipment for agriculture.

Now with the introduction of so many agricultural implements, we are aiming to become India’s Top Manufacturer with the dream of developing India’s current condition of agriculture and making India’s crops quality rank number 1 in the whole world.




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