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Get more Traffic on your website

Get more Traffic on your website
A website is like a portfolio of a company and in a nutshell talks about the services and product offerings.  10 proven ways to get traffic moving on your website:
1.    Good content: Quality content makes a lot of difference in moving the traffic with an upward scale
2.    Relevant keyword: Depending on your services relevant keywords 15-20 of them should be filtered out and added on to the website.
3.    SEO: Get your website SEO enabled both of the pages and on the page, optimization is a must. It’s very important to get the website listed in various directory listings and have the meta tags in place for on page listing.
4.    Get social media savvy: it’s like coompleting a puzzle and social media tools like facebook / Instagram/ Linkedin / twitter etc postings on a daily basis and further linking the same with the website increases the ranking.
5.    Blogs : By adding word press / Tumblr and other plugins on the website works well. There has been an increase in viewership by adding blogs. The trends are an increase of 13% in viewership per blog.
6.    Video blog: The next biggest thing on your website with live streaming videos.  Videos should be interactive and with a lot of images that co-relates with your brand.
7.    Testimonials: Customers talking well about your products and services add value and creates authenticity to your work and offerings.
8.    Landing page : A good landing page with the query form makes sure the traffic that is coming is reaching out via phone calls or emailers for queries to the brand concerned.
9.    Images : Interesting images are more catchy and visuals tend to create a longer impact compared to any other stuff.
10.    Emailers: Icons having newsletter is a good way to reach out to customers and creates trust and builds a loyal customers base.

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