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Get Pampered: Three Spas in Hyderabad That You Should Give a Try:

Spa visit has become an essential in today’s busy life. Everybody needs a calming and serene experience at least once a week. On a fortunate note, we have plenty of options for the long-waited spa treatment in Hyderabad. Here is the list of best spas which are a perfect blend of tradition and culture.

The Flora Spa at Palm Exotica:300 acres of designer landscape, close to the nature’s lap, Palm Exotica is, a 7 minutes drive from Shankarpalli village railway station. A state-of-the-art leisure resort-cum-spa, Palm Erotica’s Flora Spa offers an experience that is on par globally. The resort will make every moment of yours a delight, amid nature, lush green, flora and alluring water bodies.

Flora Spa is a world-class with the best facilities of spacious treatment rooms and luxury beauty salons equipped with the latest beauty techniques and equipment. A perfect mix of traditional and luxurious spa treatments, sophisticated with deep massage of exotic oils and herbs. The spa menu is designed in such a way that the customer will get complete relaxing and a soothing anti-stress effect.

Golkonda Resorts and Spa:Golkonda is situated right next to the picturesque Gandipet lake in serene, salubrious surroundings. Nestling amongst 12 acres of lush foliage, sprawling lawns, lagoon, the exquisite architecture and landscaping create a perfect paradise. The Golkonda Resorts and spa is steeped in luxury and built in the rugged grandeur. The project has been acclaimed for its pristine beauty and the quality of the services offered.

The highlights of the spa are the unparalleled, which is equipped with world-class Thai spa. The specialists will take you to the heavenly world with the soothing cares in serene ambience. The experience in its entirety is what gives Golkonda Spa its edge, making it more than just another Spa.

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