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How Can People Find My Salon on Google

Most local businesses attract new customers via Google search and your salon is no exception. In fact, local searches are more important in the case of a salon, since they bring the potential clients. Therefore, making sure that people can find your salon on Google is of primary importance.

Of course, you may get results from other marketing campaigns, but nothing beats what Google results can bring. So, if you own a salon and like to gather new customers all along, you may want to continue reading.

In this article, we will talk about how can people find your salon on Google. In other words, we are covering a few steps that you should take to ensure visibility in Google search. We have included a few steps as well as SEO strategies that you may want to follow. Shall we start?

The whole thing has been broken down to two parts.

Part One — Google My Business Listing

Getting your salon listed on Google My Business is the first step of ensuring enhanced visibility. If you manage to do this, potential customers will see necessary information about your salon service in a single glance — which is great. Google Business Listings refer to the rich-content snippets you see while searching for certain terms. For instance, if you search for salons on Google, it would list the nearby salons in the area.

This snippet would contain details such as the name of the salon, address, opening times and a few links. It would offer Directions via Google Maps, a Direct Call button for contact etc. Most importantly, however, the snippet would show customer reviews for the place. Now, this is very important: Google lists establishments based on the review quality as well. So, unless you have some strong reviews, you can’t play this game.

Getting Listed on Google Business

The process isn’t rocket science and does not require coding skills either. You will have to create an account in Google Business and provide details of the business, such as the name, location, address, working time etc. You also have to provide the accurate location of your place so that Navigation is enabled. Some of the factors you should pay attention to are:

  • Business Category: Make sure that you choose a convenient category for your business. Google will be listing your salon based on whether the categories match. More importantly, if you are offering a specific type of service, choose the particular category as well.
  • Accurate Contact Information: The last thing you want is providing wrong information to customers. Make sure that the provided contact information is 100% accurate and on-point. Google Business is also allowing businesses to integrate the website. So, make sure you link that.
  • Your Description: Google allows you to provide a description for the business, although it’s optional. If you know the art of copywriting — or, hire someone who knows that —, craft a persuasive, simple and on-point description for the business.

Once you have confirmed the details, you can have the listing ready on Google Businesses. Just so you know, these things are easier said than done.

Reviews Matter the Most

As we said earlier, customer reviews play an integral role in how your salon performs on Google. There are two sides for this issue. One, a better review will increase the chances of a customer choosing your salon. Two, Google tend to prioritize business establishments with a higher average review. Ideally, you must have five-star rating overall, but that’s kinda overkill.

The idea is to make sure that you have enough positive reviews on the table. There are a few salon software like Miosalon, which would help you manage centralized feedback and keep everything together. This way, you can address negative reviews instantly and possibly turn them into positive reviews. For one, if you’re offering quality service, you can ask people to leave a review on Google.

You know what’s even more interesting? You can ask customers to review your business on Google and offer a discount coupon or promotional deal. This is an awesome way to increase the number of reviews — well, positive reviews, for most part.

Photographs Speak Better

While creating the Google Business Listing, you would have an option to add your business photographs. Do make sure that you add the best photos from the establishment. It’s great if you can get creative and post a few transformation posts. The idea is to make the photographs speak about your services and their quality in the long run.

Google lists photographs from the business owners and the customers. Often times, a potential customer would prefer seeing what others have posted. So, it’s imperative that you ask your regulars to post photos of the space and experience.

And, this is a great way to enhance conversion rate in the long run.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to rank well in Google Business listings.

Part Two — Optimizing Your Business Website

It’s always great to have an official website for your salon or beauty parlor. In addition to providing accurate information about the establishment, you can enhance sales as well. For instance, it has become very easy to set up an online salon booking system, using one of the best salon software out there. However, the data you provide in the website can improve the overall ranking as well.

Just as we mentioned earlier, Google My Business has an option where you can connect your website to the business snippet. This way, you can add a link to the official website on the snippet. In addition to this, it is very likely that Google would recognize the other elements in the website and add relevant results. If you’ve an integrated booking system, for instance, there will be changes in the snippets.

That is, Google often shows another tab for quick service booking. Customers can view the services you are offering and start booking immediately. Awesome, right?

Basic SEO Is Important

In order for all these to happen, you need to connect the website to Google Analytics and Search Console. It is also mandatory that you do the basic on-page SEO optimization. As we said earlier, there are a few SEO strategies you can follow. Some of them are:

  • Maintain an official blog, where you post updates about new trends in hair styling and other sections. This will increase the overall authenticity of your website, thus being found more often on Google.
  • Optimizing your Website for Mobile is also important. Just so you know, most of the Business listing enquiries are made from mobile devices, and that’s important.
  • Website Speed also matters when it comes to ranking better. It’s not about adding a lot of graphics, but rather about minimally presenting the required information.
  • Getting Links is also important. You have to get both authority links and directory website links. Both will help you to improve the overall visibility.
  • Last but not the least, keep everything simple and accurate.

Provided that everything is well connected, people should not have trouble in finding your salon on Google.

The Bottom Line

As you have seen, getting found on Google is not a Herculean task. Nevertheless, you should take the steps carefully, especially while providing information and handling reviews. And, as always, having a dedicated salon software would surely help you keep everything together.

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