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How Creosen’s Drupal Website Redesign Service Helped a Popular University?


Are you planning on creating a website for your university, school or college? If yes, find out how Drupal web development can benefit you.

In the present time, Drupal is one of the most powerful CMS available to us. Not only education-related websites, from personal websites to e-commerce stores, Drupal web development enables to create a strong online presence. The various benefits associated with Drupal make it a preferred choice for millions of users around the world.

Advantages range from administration to user-friendly properties. But, mostly it has to do with the fact that the CMS is open source and highly customizable.

That said, any design company can provide Drupal development services. But, at Creosen, be it building a new Drupal website or doing a Drupal website redesign, we come up with amazing strategies and build a website that achieves results.

Recently, our team carried out a Drupal website redesign for the Indiana State University. This renowned university was established in 1865 and has over 13,584 students from all around the world.

We coordinated with the communication and marketing department of the university to enhance, support and maintain their college websites which were built with Drupal CMS.



They came to us with the following unique requirements,

Update Drupal core and added modules for all websites

Redesign the existing Drupal theme with the PSD design they provided

Fix permission issue while assigning new sections and adding new users


Creosen’s solution

Core and contributed modules were updated in our local environment

The website was thoroughly tested for regressions

The module was updated without affecting the existing functionalities of the website

PSD design was converted to a fully responsive HTML mockup. The responsive theme was built as per Drupal standards

Fixed an issue in the workbench module to resolve permission related issues

After the client reviewed the updates and were fully satisfied with the work, our team updated the changes in the live version of the website.

This is how our team at Creosen resolved the unique issues our client faced.

Advantages of Drupal website development

Since its inception, Drupal has been extensively used to create amazing websites. It can save your organization a lot of time and money when you use it for developing your website. Plus, it is also a favorite among Creosen’s web developers.

Here are some of the benefits of using Drupal web development for your website,

It has all the basic features that are required to create a website

SEO and mobile-friendly

Contains abundant features

Complete security

Administering and controlling website is easy

Extensive API support

Rapid and fast deployment

Easy content organization

Unique plugins to boost website capabilities


Creosen’s Drupal web development services

Drupal platform posses features that are perfect for creating high quality, user-driven websites for private sectors, government, medium size businesses, universities, organizations, and nonprofits. It has all the necessary functionalities your brand needs to succeed online.

We, Creosen a full-service web development company specialize in Drupal consulting, Drupal development and Drupal support. Our main focus is to ensure that our Drupal web development services fulfill all your unique requirements. With unmatched expertise and profound experience, our Drupal team has won the heat of many clients.

Our Drupal web development services include:

Drupal website development

Custom website development

Web application development

Extension development

Theme development

Template development and customization

Support and maintenance

Third-party integration

Drupal migration



Drupal web development is one of the best options if you’re interested in developing a website that stands out from the crowd.

Also, if you want to include exciting features on your website without any difficulty, Drupal is your best choice.4th improved SEO friendliness, high accessibility, and tighter security, Drupal is becoming a strong backbone for businesses that are looking to create a powerful digital presence.






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