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How to Create investor pitch deck | Pitch Deck ideas

A pitch deck is usually a 10-15 slide presentation designed to give a short summary of the company, business plan, and startup vision. Pitch decks also serve very different purposes, from trying to get a meeting with a new investor, to presenting in front of a stage, and each one of them should follow a different structure. A pitch presentation should be completely self-explanatory.


Pitch deck should be prepared as a one-page word document and power point presentation slides.


So, what is a pitch deck? Our answer is it’s a presentation to attract an investor to your company.

It’s the 1st step towards getting a startup funded. It is the magnet which gets interested in investors in your startup or business idea.

An ideal pitch deck should have 8 to 10 slides about

  • a short summary of your company,
  • your business plan, and
  • your startup vision.

However, a demo day presentation should be very visual and contain very little text. As It’s going to be seen from afar and you’re going to do all the talking.

On the other hand, a pitch presentation that you’re planning to email should be completely self-explanatory.  As It’s going to be seen on a laptop monitor, so small font is not so bad.

An ideal investor pitch deck should have the following slides:-

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Marketing Plan
  5. Market Size
  6. Traction
  7. Fundraising
  8. Team
  9. Competition
  10. Use of Funds
  11. Underlying Magic
  12. User Testimonials
  13. Financial
  14. Business Model
  15. Market Validation


The Art of Pitching on Demo Day

These are the Key Guidelines to keep in mind



The success of a good idea depends completely on your execution. Metrics are Startup Booster! Metrics are often signed off a well-executed idea with a confirmed target market and great potential for growth. This is why metrics should be on your first few slides.


Great design has become a quintessential part of any pitch deck. A deck is probably the first look people will get your product, so make sure to wow them early on. (Try some good presentation software).


Your Demo Day is just the beginning, be sure to prepare your strategy to get the most of the exposure that this event will bring you.

The three golden tips while designing pitch:-

  • Don’t forget to mention your website URL If you can get them to tweet about you, you’ll be exposed to 1000s of potential users or investors with similar profiles and interests.
  • Keep a copy of your deck in the cloud, and keep it updated.
  • Do your best to get some press.


The five golden tips while presenting:-

The prime object of pitching is getting appointment to discuss your business plan, not the funding

  1. Your gesture, posture and eye contact should be in line with your pitch
  2. While presenting analyze the level of interest of investment in your business idea.
  3. Share only public version of financial and trade secrets
  4. Never miss an opportunity to show your demo

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