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Importance of a Good Neighborhood When Buying a New House

Choosing the right neighborhood is important. Read this post to learn why this is one of the most important factors when buying a new house.

When buying a new house, you wish for everything to go smoothly. You have a certain list of factors that you need to consider before finally saying yes to your dream home. Some of these include the location, type of house and the characteristics of the neighbourhood. Obviously location is always considered the primary component when buying a house, the style of house itself is also course of critically important. But you might ask, why does the neighbourhood matter? In this article, we will discuss why.


  • Security – first and foremost, your main concern is the safety of your family. You do not wish to be living in a dangerous neighborhood wherein you are fearful every time you hear a noise or you feel uncomfortable going out at night. It is not pleasant to live in an area wherein crime rates are high. Therefore, you should ensure that the area wherein you will buy a house is safe.
  • Health – another reason you should be particular about the neighborhood is to ensure your health. You are looking for an area free from pollution and environmental concerns. You want to be in an area with a good water supply, away from potential hazards such as high charged power lines. Even being close to a land fill is now being thought to pose potential problems.
  • Raising children – when you have children, you tend to become more meticulous and cautious about every decision you make, especially choosing a house. You want to live in an area that is ideal for raising your kids. You look for a place where there is a reputable school nearby, a playground, medical and retail services, access to recreational facilities and a sense of community. As we all know, it takes a village to raise a child.
  • Environment and resources – overall, you pick a house in a good neighborhood because you want a good environment that can be healthy for the entire family, it contributes a lot to good health, happiness and peace of mind.
  • Characteristics. Finally each neighbourhood has a certain vibe. In Kelowna there are distinct areas that have a different atmosphere. Some areas are popular with young professionals and are somewhat trendy, others are more family orientated, others have older character homes, then there are those on the hill that have a certain status! Everyone is looking for something that suits their lifestyle and a licensed real estate agent has the experience that can certainly help narrow down the search.


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Sally Hollingsworth is a REALTOR® with Coldewll Banker Horizon Realty in Kelowna, BC. For more information visit her website at or call her at 250 864 7548.





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