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Increase your Hotel revenue

The hotel business is thriving and the way to go about is maximum visibility online via Digital campaigns. A well planned Digital campaign goes a long way to get an effective ROI for any Hospitality brand.  Today most of the Hotel brands get over 25% of their bookings online. The shift is happening every year with a growth of 10-12% in the Digital space.

How to make sure that your Hotel is growing in Branding and sales?
1.    Strategy planning for what social media platforms to use: With so many social media channels the customer today is bombarded with various platforms to promote their Hotels .  Effective strategy planning goes a long way to making sure the returns are the visible and transparent way of measuring the same.
2.    Video blogs the happening paradigm: The shift is happening and it’s all about video content now. Interesting blogs about the subject matter makes the reach better and engaging.  Live experiences about the “Chef cooking” makes the connectivity stronger at all times.
3.    Display advertisement:  Pictures speaks volumes and interesting pictures of the hotel at all times makes sure that the brand gets good visibility. Offers / Promotions are interesting ways of grabbing the customer’s attention.
4.     Newsletter: The old tried and tested technique still works well for an overview of Hotel activities in a fortnight / month. Reach to the right target audience and loyal customer creates an instant connect.
5.    Chef’s blogs corner: Creating a blog page for Chefs signature recipes of the hotels creates more engagement and excitement. The customers start looking forward towards sumptuous recipes been churned out at the hotels.
These are some of the ways on how the Hotels can create effective Branding and ultimately convert the customers  into leads to increase the revenues over a period of a year .

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