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Learn How To Drive Traffic from Pinterest to a Website

If you have already finished writing a fantastic blog post after a lot of research and effort, it is time you publish it on your blog or website. Once a blog post gets published, it is important to let your readers (old and new) know about the same. So, reach the target audience and to drive a good traffic back to your website, you certainly need to market it online, on platforms like Pinterest.

So, how to promote it on Pinterest?

Well, firstly you can hire a best SEO company in Bangalore to promote your content,


Once you have written an impressive post, it is important to drive traffic back to your website as it provides a good ROI. Pinterest is one platform that is popular with readers of all ages and regions, as they find the articles of their interest.

Let us have a look at a few steps that can help you drive amazing traffic from Pinterest to your website or blog.

Start With a Blog Board

Once you have registered on Pinterest, start by creating a blog board for your blogs. This will help your Followers to find your posts easily and they can even Follow your board for further updates.

Make sure that the title of your board is same as the page title of your blog. If you have a blog about Crafts or DIYs, you can create a blog board with the name “Crafts Blog” or “DIY Blog”.

You can also include the right keywords in your Pinterest board as it will most likely help in showing up in the search engines as well.

So, the next time you write a new blog post, you can Pin it to the blog board you have created. A number of Social Media Marketing Companies in Bangalore also include,

A summary or even a quote from the actual blog post

A high-quality image related to what you have written

A direct link to the article


Use Relevant, High-Quality Images

Pinterest is more about visuals. Though it might sound counter-intuitive when we say images and talk about sharing content that people love to read, but great images entice readers to visit and read the post on your website.

Before you start sharing blog posts on Pinterest, treat it as one glossy magazine that has eye candy images filled in. So, if you wish to capture the attention of any visitor and drive him to your website, you need to Pin content that has a visual appeal. This will make your blog post stand out from the rest and visitors will certainly click on the link provided to read the entire article.


Engage Yourself on the Platform

Engaging with your followers is a vital step you need to take as a social media marketer. This holds true when you aim to turn your Followers on Pinterest into followers of your blog as well. So, you need to engage with people so that they too would love to connect back with your blog and the other websites you own.

But how can you engage on Pinterest?  Let us have a look at a few tips as suggested by reputed Social Media Marketing Companies in Bangalore.

Always Pin original and board-relevant content.

You can Pin often as your Followers can easily find them in their feeds.

Always remember to return the favour by following your Followers.

Ask questions.

Re-Pin, comment on other Pins and hit a Like if you like them.


Know that you know the basic steps you can follow on Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or a website, implement these right away and let us know how it worked out for you.

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