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Legal Advisors are now in your phone

An online Legal Portal Lawzgrid will now give legal advises to their clients on various legal issues with the help of an App.

Delhi, Friday, 2017- Getting an authentic and quality legal advises in today’s scenario is an asset and when the things are in context with law and order then this comes under  the responsibility of a lawyer to guide his client.

Lawzgrid while adopting the concept of Digital India brings the legal solution on your doorsteps by the team of expert advisors who will understand your exact requirement and will help you out with their valuable advice. With the motive of making your living easy and comfortable Lawzgrid is launching a Legal App for both android and apple users named as Lawzgrid and Lawzgrid Pro for the lawyers and the users respectively. Legal advisors will be available for the clients round the clock for the clients in just a click away.

This app will act as a support system and answers all the queries of their clients. There are such filters provided to the clients so that they can choose the right lawyer for their case. The clients can follow-up with them and can take regular updates for their case over here. Cases like documentation, property verification, cheque bounce, GST returns and filling, legal notice, consumer cases, Trademark Registration, case against builders, Tax return or auditing, etc are handled.

Lawzgrid has marked their tremendous success in Delhi NCR and working on to expand it in all other major cities of the nation. The success rate has reached over 25 million app downloads without any publicity and is working hard for the further progress.

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