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Minimize your pain; maximize your mobility- Ottawa’s physiotherapists

There are locally owned and operated facilities available in Ottawa with quality care physiotherapy that specializes in empowering each client. Physiotherapists empower the clients to achieve a higher quality of life. They are well efficient in minimizing your pain, maximizing your mobility and guiding you along your road to recovery.

Do you suffer from?

Neck pain

Headaches and jaw pain

Car accident injury

Work related injury

Sports or running injury

Sciatica pain

Sprains, strains and tendonitis

Proper and well organized physiotherapy will help to ease and relieve your pain also to recover from injuries. Healthcare clinics in Ottawa heal your pain through-


Sports therapy

Massage therapy


Registered dietician services

Independent medical assessments

Neurological rehabilitation

Functional dry needling/intramuscular stimulation

Physiotherapy is a well effective and valuable treatment by experts that begins with an extensive assessment that may include health history, evaluation of pain and movement patters, strength, joint range of motion, reflexes, sensation and heart and lung function. Based on the assessment and diagnose, physiotherapists will establish a judgment and work in partnership with you to develop an individualized treatment program and prognosis. Highly experienced, compassionate and dedicated physiotherapists care about your recovery whether you have been injured as the result of motor vehicle accident or sustained injuries while playing a sport or during daily life activities. There will be measures of functional movement, observed or instrumented analysis of gait, posture and balance in a specialized physiotherapy assessment. Ottawa clinics provide hands-on treatment and one-on-one sessions with every patient to aid in the recovery process. Here therapists are passionate about continuing their education in order to provide the best possible services to the residents of Ottawa region. They treat various expertise services like ankle sprains, frozen shoulders, knee and hip arthritis, lower back pains, tendonitis, tennis elbow and more and clinic services like physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. They use manual therapy, manipulation, modalities, exercises, acupuncture, myofascial release and education to successfully treat injuries to each patient’s needs. Patients can seek their special assistance to help recover from tendonitis, headaches, dizziness or simply muscle or joint pain. Their vast knowledge of experience and treatment techniques is the key to recover either from your aches and pains from injury, from repetitive injuries or simply from pain. Clients will get a unique and individualized program suited for every patient. Physiotherapists respect and treat the body as a unit and help your body heal itself. If you are looking for the best physiotherapy services in Ottawa, you must have professionals who address your needs, and can assure you of quality and excellence.

Book your appointment today with us. Athlete’s Care Sports Medicine Centre in Ottawa offer flexible evening hours, bilingual services and free parking, we provide the best physiotherapy and health care to our patients with our expertise experience and organized treatment techniques. A privacy and peace of mind is the desired commitment you will get from our skilled teams. Athlete’s Care ensures that you receive the treatment that you need and the level of care that you deserve. Visit our website to see appointment availability and visit us to serve you the best physiotherapy services in town.

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