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Multi Layered Tanks by Vectus Industries

New Delhi, 16th May,2016:  Revolutionizing plastic water tank industry, Vectus Industries, one of the fastest growing Pipe and Water Storage Solution Company, has rolled out Multi Layered Tanks which are a perfect combination of strength & economy through marvel of technology. Available in double and triple layers, these tanks have been rigorously tested for durability and are virtually unbreakable.

Light weight and strong, these tanks are a result of painstaking research that has led to path breaking material composition. The all new Vectus tank has the unique dual advantage of being light weight and much stronger than other ordinary tanks existing in the market today and its aero dynamic design makes it a unique work of engineering. It’s not just the trendy looks, but several unique features of these technologically superior Vectus tanks have made this stand apart from the traditional water tanks.

Manufactured by highly versatile Blow Moulding Technology, which allows for unlimited design possibilities, these tanks have strong outside corners and for additional strength, ribs form an integral part of the design. Interestingly available in 8 sizes (200, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 & 2000 Litre) the product range comes with 10 years guarantee.

Moreover, its unique threaded lid ensures the tank stays tightly screwed shut and sealed for safety. Identified with Performance, Quality and reliability, Vectus not only provides the finest in product category but all this is backed by the largest distribution network in the country.


Key features for reference:

  • Multi layer tanks (available in Single, Double, Triple & Four layers)
  • Revolutionary design
  • Light weight & strong
  • Higher chemical resistance as compared to other tanks
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Threaded Lid
  • Blow Moulded
  • Unbreakable

Multi Layered Tanks by Vectus Industries are available across all the leading stores in India and the product range starts from approx Rs 4.5/- per liter

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