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New Trend and Rules for Studying MBBS Abroad

It’s a recent trend that many Indian students go abroad for studying MBBS. They are in search for best medical universities and colleges where one can avail quality education at affordable fees. Most of the students who choose MBBS abroad return back to India to make a career in medicine.

But according to rules, it’s mandatory to procure an MCI eligibility certificate for Indian students who wish to pursue MBBS abroad. The students must submit an application for an MCI certificate before taking admission in any foreign university. It is necessary to mention the name of the college and university where the student takesadmission. The validity date is also mentioned on the certificate. Therefore, this certificate is a proof that the university or college where the student would like to take admission is authorized by MCI. The MCI certificate is a type of provisional enrollment. Students cannot undergo training or internship without the eligibility certificate. The original certificate has to be produced at the time of obtaining a permanent certificate. It is usually safe to procure MCI certificate so that you need not bother about your professional future on coming back to India.

Medical students who wish to pursue MBBS abroad have an incredible option of doing MBBS in Georgia. Georgia is located in East Europe and it hasamazing natural beauty and diverse climate. In Georgia DTMU the best medical university –it follows United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) curriculum. All successful graduates of DTMU are assured to pass MCI examinations. Students are given admission on the basis of their 12th class results and do not have to appear for any entrance examination. DTMU is authorized by MCI and it is safe for Indian students to do MBBS inGeorgia. Students never face difficulty in acquiring the MCI eligibility certificate according to the new rules once they choose DTMU, Georgia.

While we summarize in this post, people who are searching for MBBS admission in Medical University abroad for MBBS in Russia , China or Georgia, need to understand that studies at DTMU are based on the American syllabus . Students at DTMU study the same course which is taught in The US. David Tvildiani Medical University students are also entitled to sit for the USMLE , United States Medical Licensing Examination , step 1 after finishing five semesters ( 2 .5 years ) , and step 2 after finishing 10 semesters ( 5 years ) of college . This opportunity of learning from the best of syllabus and then going to the US and start working there is certainly feasible for the students of DTMU only.
No other college in the entire region of East Europe offers such as possibility for its students. Therefore, there is not any comparison between education at DTMU (Georgia) and any other university in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, China or Philippines.

It is important for students not to finalize their admission in any university in Georgia before contacting us. We fee that the students should know the real picture. We are not agents and do not charge any amounts to anyone for our services. Contact us: (+91) 9766322492, 9975733399 or visit

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