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Typically, when people talk about traditional PR, they are referring to traditional media: newspapers, TV, radio, and magazines.

With OPR, traditional media brands may still be a target, but often OPR targets online properties, along with an array of other platforms and networks, from search to social. This online approach influences:

  • Columnists & traditional writers (just like traditional PR)
  • Bloggers: personal & professional
  • Websites & brand sites
  • Twitter users (based on their followings and interests)
  • Social media users: Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, SU, Reddit, etc
  • Awards, events, and exhibitions
  • Directories, lists, and organizations
  • Web searchers

Our Online PR-Service is for the better world.Get in touch with us.We will help you to create a positive image of your brand and services on the internet. The PR industry is quite bad at enlightening potential clients about public relations and its importance to their business. On the other hand, the Internet is a flourishing field where PR being used extensively, as a tool, by marketing professionals.OPR isn’t directly promotional. PR messages are more about companies showing that they care about a specific cause or putting out news messages

There are a wide variety of tactics and proportions with some favoring search while others favor placing online content as editorials and guest blogs. Online PR incorporates journalism, creative writing, and story-telling, sales, media, SEO, social media, community management, customer relations.

OPR efforts can have media or influencer outlets but can also be seen directly by potential customers or the consumer market. Online press releases may direct small amounts of traffic to brands.

Typically those distributed releases are displayed as search results, which consumers may find for medium and long tail queries.

Online press release distribution options include:

  • Vocus
  • PRNewswire
  • Business Wire
  • Marketwire
  • Cision
  • PRWeb
  • VMS

Nevertheless, don’t confuse online press releases with quality backlinks used by Google for PageRank and ranking improvements.

Other OPR best practices incorporate real-time marketing efforts, reputation management.

OPR activity is closely associated with improving results from many of the other digital marketing communications techniques in particular social media, SEO (link-building), partnership marketing and viral marketing/word-of-mouth marketing.

OPR can be a great, low-cost technique for making more people aware of your brand or website, but it requires a lot of hard-work – there are no short corners. Public relations units within corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and government institutions have embraced the Internet to communicate important information and to build relationships with key publics. Online public relations employs Web sites and other Internet technologies, such as e-mail discussion groups and chats, file transfers, and remote kiosk terminals. Factors that shape online organizational-public relationship building relate to the organization, the system being used, and the user. The process of relationship building includes awareness and trial, cognitive learning, interactivity with technology and others, and impression formation.

Public relations not only tell an organization’s story to its public, it also helps to shape the organization and the way it works. Through research, feedback communication and evaluation, the practitioner needs to find out the concerns and expectations of a company’s public and explain them to its management.

  • Research
  • Relationships
  • Measurement
  • Writing

Public Relation works through intermediaries. Due to it being compared with advertising ,PR is maybe the least understood of all marketing tools. The basis of PR includes using intermediaries to communicate with your audience and influence them.

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