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Precision of Pendulum Dowsing With SevenChakraIndia

The accuracy of dowsing requires understanding and thinking. In the remote possibility that Dowse with thought and understanding how the procedure works, dowsing not only works accurately and is incredibly reliable.
Each dowser encounters disappointments to get false answers to some of your questions. In my thirty-four years of dowsing I have developed some conclusions that have brought to light an argument that help explain and understand the phenomenon accuracy dowsing.
This can be demonstrated by the fact that for thousands of years man has successfully used dowsing to find water, and have this capability has been a crucial element sustaining life, and ensure our self-preservation.
I found that all questions dowsing can be divided into several different categories, and only two of the categories may depend on the accuracy dowsing.
We want to know, need to know and right to know … The fact that we know something, or think we need to know, does not mean that we are entitled to know the real answer to a question. The determination of our right to know is not within our scope of skills or knowledge. Once we go beyond the root reasons for having the ability to dowse (self-preservation and survival), the all-knowing entity that decides how to answer our questions makes the reasoning for us. If a question that we invade another’s privacy, sick intended, or does not have a significant, positive purpose, we cannot rely on getting a precise answer.

Dowsing test accuracy

You will discover later, there is a distinction between energy and passive energy dowsing focused. If you have an important question, serious it is absolutely necessary to have a truthful response to the result obtained from performing this test must be reliable.

Grab a hanger smooth wire firmly in his hands palms up as shown. Final hook position around an angel of 35 degrees. Now, think of a question you know the answer to as. Instruct the hanger hook to point to the ground by an affirmative answer. Repeat the same question over and over again. You will find that the hanger hook force their way into the ground, and you will not be able to stop it, no matter how tight is its scope.
If you teach dowsing, proof coat hanger is an excellent way to demonstrate the existence of dowsing energy to a new student. A similar test can be performed using several other dowsing tools, but without the dramatic results.
The other category that always produces accurate results is
Due to this category does not require asking for information that only his benefactor know, you can always be sure that you get accurate answers to your questions. The process is so basic and simple as dowsing can get. In fact, it encompasses a whole new dowsing technology that is ideal for the practice of dowsing maps. The use of this new technology allows you to solve crimes, locate abducted children, and even find buried treasures lost easily. For more information: – buy pendulum online.

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