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Scheming Expert Excel Dashboard

Managers have always relied on create a set of concise   professional Creating Excel Reports with Dashboards reports. With the arrival of new techniques, the Excel dashboard has come up as the perfect way to a concise report with a summary of the data into various tables and charts and tables. This can help to develop an efficient interactive financial model. However, most managers still do not know how they can create a good Excel dashboard. Well the fact is it is not very difficult; in fact the managers can easily do it devoid of any actual guidance.

The excel dashboard is also known as dashboard XLS. All that is needed to design a professional dashboard xls is a excel dashboard template that is easily available over the internet. Once the dashboard XLS template is Advanced Excel downloaded, it is important to first of all turn off the grid or the outlines of the cells. This will help to make the excel dashboard look simple, clean and most importantly professional. After it is done the charts should be chopped down. After all there is no need to use a half sheet of paper for showing just a bar graph or a single line. It is important to make the charts small, but they should not be very small, so that the text can be read easily.

The best thing to be done to make it look professional is to opt for the monochromatic colors color to make the dashboard layout more attractive. This is especially true for the background colors of the cells. It can be easily done in the Excel 2007. However, if you want to create a monochromatic color scheme of your own, you just have to pick your base color and then make the other ones possess different luminance or lightness.


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