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Some Very Useful WordPress Plugins You Must Know

WordPress is a great platform for websites. The infinite possibilities provided by this platform to customize for any challenging user requirements makes it a highly sought after CMS for developers. One of the most attractive and useful feature of this platform is the innumerable plugins it provides the users. Here are a few useful WordPress plugins you will find extremely useful for your website. You have to purchase many of them and they are worth the money given the most wonderful applications while you contract WordPress development services.

When you have comments turned on in a WordPress blog, you will find Akismet an extremely useful plugin. This tool can monitor the incoming comments and handle any spams without the interaction by the user.

This robust extension for the WooCommerce can provide the follow up support for the communication as per the workflows defined by the user. This plugin is used for alerting the theme buyers when their subscriptions expire and alert them to renew the support they have been providing the site.

Follow-Up Emails
This is yet another highly interesting WooCommerce extension that can be used for onboarding the new buyers. The users can schedule multiple emails to send one after any orders are processed. These emails can be used to provide some useful information on how to use the new theme or course and also answer several common questions received by the company from time to time. This WordPress Plugin can significantly reduce the customer satisfaction besides reducing the support time of the owners.

This is a great tool to know the customer reaction to your products and brand. It is something like people watching at the mall, happening on your website. This tool lets you know what people are doing when they open your site. You can also find a free trail if you wish to try it out first before buying.

iThemes Sync
This plugin lets you manage the updates for any number of your WordPress sites from one place. The tool can also help connect with BackupBuddy which can automate the backups of remote websites and let you stay protected against any risks. The team behind the iThemes team is a highly skilled one producing several great plugins. This tool makes it possible to keep the site owners as efficient as possible especially when they manage a large number of websites.

This third party software solution facilitates email campaigns and emails based on RSS. This tool can help sending weekly newsletters to blog subscribers. MailChimp make use of the blog’s RSS feed to populate the newsletter automatically and send it on a pre-set time to the potential customers.

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