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To Digital or To Traditional? That is the question! – Digital vs. Traditional Advertising

Is digital the new traditional? With the world riding the digital wave, people are everyday becoming more and more accustomed to speedy results and getting anything they want, whenever they want, however they want. So obviously, for many ad agencies in Pune, digital is the way to go, right?

Or is it? Let’s not forget that while we are steadily moving towards a digitized world, the channels of traditional advertising have been and continue to be credible and trustworthy carriers of information to date. Traditional advertising channels like print media are tangible, lending a sense of credibility, since many people prefer to trust things they can feel and touch, like newspapers or magazines. Additionally, the fact that traditional advertising has been around for a long time also gives potential buyers a sense of legitimacy and better recall, thus encouraging them to make an enquiry.

So which is better?

Quite the dilemma for advertising agencies in Pune! To help make the decision easier, let us take a glance at the pros and cons of both approaches:

Traditional Advertising:


  • Easy reach to the local audience:

Print media is circulated in particular localities and areas, generally to promote local businesses by distributing flyers or brochures, printing newspaper advertisements, etc that appeal to the local population.

  • Easier to understand with better recall:

Particularly for those users who are more used to traditional advertising routes, messages that are printed are generally easier to comprehend than digital messages. Also, since the audience has a better grasp on the advertisement, they are in turn more likely to have a better recall of the same.

  • Can be saved to re-read or for recycling purposes:

Since traditional advertising uses tangible methods to portray their message, like flyers or newspapers, these mediums can be saved as hard copies, giving the audience the chance to come into repeated contact with them, thereby giving an additional boost to the recall value.



  • Not very cost effective:

Print media and other traditional advertising channels are quite expensive, which is the reason why many television ads are just seconds long or why newspaper ads have such few words.

  • Not interactive:

Traditional advertising is not an interactive medium, as there is no way for the company to connect directly with the consumer. It is a more passive form of advertisement, wherein the ads or flyers provide information to the customers and with the hope that they will make a purchase decision.

  • Difficult to measure ROI:

Since there is no actual interaction with the customers, there is no defined way to measure exactly how many people have come into contact with the advertisement and how many who’s decision was influenced by the information provided in the ads. This makes it difficult for the company to understand the ROI that they are receiving from traditional advertising as there are no fixed numbers to measure.


Digital advertising:


  • Cost effective:

Digital media is quite cost effective and affordable mainly due to inexpensive production costs and absence of additional costs like printing, distribution, etc.

  • Results in real time:

Google and other analytic tools can help track the user data in real time, i.e. as it is happening. This allows the ad agencies in Pune to adjust their customer approach quickly and keep on track with changing trends in consumer behavior as they happen.

  • Easy reach to a global audience:

Since the reach of the internet extends worldwide, advertisers are no longer restricted to just the local audience but can widen their reach to a global audience, thus marketing their products to a vaster population and increasing chances of success.



  • High competition:

With more and more businesses embracing the digital world, the competition is fierce. In order to stay relevant in a sea of competitors, advertisers have to keep on their toes at all times to come up with fresh ideas and new tactics that keep them ahead of their competition.

  • Negative feedback:

While the wide reach of the internet can be beneficial to many businesses, there are certain drawbacks to the heightened accessibility. Any negative remarks or feedback left about any company on the internet is visible to a large portion of the general public, which can prove harmful for the company and its products or services, if not tackled in time.

  • Search engine regulations:

Search engine guidelines change rapidly, with regular algorithm updates which may affect what is acceptable and what is not. This may require drastic changes to be made to the campaigns based on the changing guidelines and require vigilance to ensure that the ads stay relevant and do not violate any search engine regulations.

As is the case with any services, the decision of which approach is better differs from company to company, brand to brand and individual to individual. For some, having a completely digitized approach to advertising could be crucial to the success of their business, while for others, the traditional route may prove more beneficial. It is up to the companies to weigh each approach against their business objectives and select the one that will take them closer to achieving these objectives.

However, one thing that becomes clear is that despite their differences, digital and traditional advertising may not require to be left in separate corners. In fact, the key to creating an impactful ad campaign, in many cases, is to create a harmonious mix of the two; combining the vast reach of digital with the trustworthiness and recall of the traditional, leveraging them for your benefit.

So instead of focusing on the bitter rivalry of Digital Vs Traditional, why not turn it into a dream team of Digital + Advertising?

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