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Why Companies Hire PMP Certified Project Managers

When you search for a job in project Management, you can easily find that “PMP Certification” has become the basic criteria by employers for getting the person on board. In many companies, PMP certification is required for promotions or is connected to performance evaluations. Project managers in an organization are entrusted with utmost responsibility of executing the projects diligently. They identify the risks proactively and formulate the best possible processes for flawless execution beforehand so that the project meets out its target in the end. PMP certified project managers are acknowledged as expert professionals who can meet the end to end requirements of a project expertly.

Reasons why PMP certification is so desirable in today’s job market and business environment constitute:

  • Customers demand PMP certification from their vendors: The intrinsic value of PMP certification may though known to all is based on the economic reality is that majority of enterprises are demanding it and investing in such professionals. Today, most of the organizations gain revenue out of the projects they corner from esteemed customers. For successful implementation and execution of these projects, cautious customers lay preference and demand from their vendors for the project to be controlled by professionals with PMP certifications. Examples to it have been set by top shot companies like IBM, BT etc. and is true for organizations operating in diverse domains as their entire business approach requires adherence to strictly-defined processes; hence PMP certification is a must.
  • PMP demonstrates a professional approach and a common language: The major role of a project manager is to co-ordinate with different teams and officials in the hierarchy. They have a target date to complete the project assigned to them and their responsibility to get that executed smoothly. This calls for a professional approach with zero communication gaps. A PMP certified professional is supposed to be expert at business communication and terminologies used in project management. Understanding the project management framework gives them an edge to communicate with their clients and vendors at a professional level, which might lack in uncertified employees.
  • PMP certification makes you goal oriented: Employers prefer PMP certifications as they find such professionals motivated to a great extent as they can work beyond the normal call of duty. They find PMP certified professionals more committed that works as a factor to be preferred over other individuals. It is a known fact that PMP exam is not easy to crack. It requires disciplined approach to prepare and get through it; hence those who have achieved it are supposed to be dedicated and goal oriented. Undoubtedly, employers believe in candidates having mastered the best practices set forth by PMI as they bring substantive value to any organization.
  • Structured execution of project: As a project manager you are expected to work in an environment which is full of unknowns. PMP certification training prepares you to deal and manage these unexpected events and carry out smooth execution of project at all phases. PMP training helps you gain undeniable value in using a set of standardized, repeatable processes that have been endorsed by project management experts around the world.
  • PMP certification is a proof of your intellect: PMP is a certification that puts your judgment and decision-making ability to a test. Taking this exam requires proficient analytical thinking. Those who qualify this exam are looked up as intellectual professionals as the level of exam is very tough and is known to all. PMP credentials set you apart from others who don’t possess it.

It can be inferred that the PMP certification is extremely valuable for both employees and employers. There are few traits like good judgment, attention to detail, and communication/motivational skills that are innate; but PMP certification helps you expand them. Speaking a common language and following a structured set of processes adds real business value to these core skills. PMP certification helps you create an environment where innovation and collaboration can be combined efficiently to carry out smooth execution of projects being handled.

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